Deadline Runner

Deadline Runner

"As always, the deadline for this project is yesterday. I need you to work like a dog so you can deliver everything on time, because that is the deadline I told our client. Keep an eye on the deadline! Otherwise I will fire you and send death behind you!"

And that is what your boss said to you. Fearing that you might lose your job, you decide to work on a bicycle desk, avoiding distractions and staying focused.

No time to sit in your cubicle!

In Deadline Runner you have to jump on your bicycle desk and keep working in an endless office while co-workers, boring meetings and office furniture try to distract you from getting things done. Get distracted and you know what happens next: death comes following the deadline!

You will not get wings to fly in this game, but virtual energy drinks will boost your productivity and get you into the flow zone.

Keep working harder and maybe you get to be the Employee of the Month!


  • Bicycle desk!
  • Collect energy drinks to get into the flow state.
  • Real life advices while you are in the flow.
  • Simple and fast one-touch control.
  • Play with your friends and compete to see who will be the Employee of the Month!
  • What many bosses (not leaders) have in mind: work work work or say goodbye and die.