Le Pong Dans La Lune

Le Pong Dans La Lune

Le Pong dans La Lune is an interpretation of the classic Pong, inspired by George Méliès' famous “Le Voyage dans la Lune" (“A Trip to the Moon") film.

It differs from the original version because players control (giant?) people in jetpack suit that can shoot bullets that freeze the opponent or speed the ball up upon collision.

The ball, which is a pixelated take on Méliès' moon, has a different behaviour as well. Who knows how gravity in this game's outer space influence it?


  • Bullets that freeze your opponent (but don't try to be smarty pants or the bullets will turn against you!)
  • Black-and-white 2-player game
  • Piano sound effects
  • Multi-language (English, Français, Português do Brasil)


PC Windows